on how faith is like a marriage

perfect love

(or, to see our perfect Father God – with our imperfect eyes,

but at least, to keep on looking!)

A life of faith is a series of decisions, not just one moment in time. Falling in love with God is reflected – here on earth – by what is seen in the faces of an elderly couple, 54 years married, as the husband gently tucks the wife’s feet under a sheet in the hospital. Faith is built – or destroyed – one action, one decision at a time. And just like a marriage, “alone time” with the Lord is required in order for intimacy, closeness, to develop.

Time in prayer is developed through practice, not accident.  And from year to year, that intimacy looks somewhat different.

Some months, you may spend your quiet time with God mostly in meditation, taking one name of God in Isaiah and reflecting on what that name means to you personally. Some months, you will spend in quiet remembrance of what God has challenged you with in order for your faith and trust in Him to grow. During other times, you may spend more time crying out to God in shame, fear, or anger for hardships that are assailing your family. Or during “dry” prayer seasons, to rely on rote prayer in order to connect when you don’t feel that close to Him.

The point is the relationship itself, not the perfection with which it presents itself to the world. And as your love relationship with God grows, you will find that your love for others – loved ones, friends, or even enemies – will grow along with it.

What is better to spend your “extra” time on? facebook? 😉



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