Taking a Small Bite from the Big Apple

IMG_0697I just spent three full days in New York City, visiting my sister who lives in Manhattan and wandering around with her and my friend Lisa, who is a photographer. Something Lisa once told me was that you have to take hundreds of photos and then winnow them down, dumping all the ones that are junk and editing the ones that look great in order to make them better. It is a completely different approach from what I am used to personally, which is taking very few, perfectly centered, classic photos. So after getting used to my new iPhone, and junking my old digital camera, I set out on this trip to take a million photos and then pick through them to find ones that catch the eye.


This is a banner in the main building at Ellis Island.  The gentleman in the middle photo reminded me of Charles Manson.  I also have noticed how many men have recently  chosen large or long beards as facial accents.

IMG_0831The skylight in the main building at Ellis Island.  The wispy clouds caught my eye, as did the reflection in the windows below.

The shadow of this viewfinder looked lonely.


Angie and Lisa indulged me by ticking off many of my NYC “bucket list” items: Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial Museum, Chinatown, Rockefeller Center. We even perused at Tiffany’s.  I’m pretty sure we covered about 120 city blocks.  That’s a lot of walking. IMG_0888But the great company made all the work, well worth it.  IMG_0899IMG_0855IMG_1046

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