Wait? Did I Sign Up For This Mission????


We have now fully entered the dreaded “teen zone” here at home….chock-full of eye-rolling, dismissive, “you-were-never-a-kid-were-you?” kind of action. Only six months in and we find ourselves scratching our heads.
What happened to the fifteen-year-old’s awkward attempts at socializing with girls his own age? That’s turned into “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE TRULY IN LOVE!” and then stomping off to his room, which – although clean and organized – smells dangerous – a combination of his reptile tanks and hormones leaking out of the top of his head.
What happened to our twelve-year-old’s bookish and charming exchanges with her friends, all of whom are obsessed with The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or the Twilight movies?
They turned sixteen and thirteen. And suddenly, suddenly everything is so much more complicated. My son has decided that his long-distance girlfriend is the new authority on what he should do next. My daughter has started to ramp up in the temper department, probably not helped by the constant proximity of her two younger sisters; she has also taken to saying things that dance around – without actually stating – “you are the worst mother ever!”
I think I’m psychic or something. I predicted that turn of events way back in December, when I started this blog. Ha.
I know I’m not alone in this: the anti-miraculous, almost-overnight, shift of formerly calm and beloved children into teens who practically foam at the mouth to cut the umbilical cord and break loose from their parents.
Which leaves us bewildered, impatient, and feeling isolated. Which in turn, makes us want to walk away and quietly shut a door and give up on the mission.
When you become a parent, you agree to this. You agree to all the good stuff, and the bad stuff. You agree to not become Parent Behaving Badly. You agree to not join your kid (bad, good, or indifferent) on the same plane: stomping feet, screaming, breaking relationship rules, disrespecting each other, swearing. Yelling things like “you never!” or “you always!”
When tempted to call a priest, throw holy water at them, or wear garlic around my neck, I remember that didn’t work with my parents; and that by the age of 25, they may start to calm down and rethink this whole “I’m right and my parents are wrong” mentality. If not, by the age of 30. If not….oh, dang. Let’s just deal with today and the surly man-boy who stinks and can’t find a summer job; and the pretty girl who I may have to lock in a tall tower in the next twelve months.
Let’s just deal with NOW.

One thought on “Wait? Did I Sign Up For This Mission????

  1. Becky,
    Thanks for the thoughts….I’m smiling, mostly because you paint a good picture but also because…been there, done that…right now it may feel like you are being pulled through a knothole, backwards…but in my case it was worth it…I am very proud of the way my kids and their wives turned out…hang in there, parenting will become rewarding again!

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