The beginning of labor


She stood at the edge of a cliff, dirt shifting, rocks sliding and bouncing, echoing to the bottom. 

Perched between life and death, riding an immortal fence, her body and brain fought a war against each other. 

It was a battle she had never before imagined was possible or probable, but seemed familiar, as if she had been born for this moment. 

She could imagine girding herself for war, protective armor sheathing her breast, her stomach, her thighs, her legs. 

Hard cold metal, protective but intimidating, the only means by which she could survive for this day, and the next. 

A light exploded in her head, a thread of humanity that connected her to millions of other women who had come before her, and would come after. 

It was a thread that connected her consciousness to her very marrow, each cell working in her body towards this moment.

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