Describing my mother

ImageMother                                                                                                                                                     5/8/05


My mother, the beauty –

She is small hands

Spotted with history,

Bouncy red hair that used to flash,

Now shot through with gray.

She is distinctive,

Judges a person by character,

Not color or size or flaw,

Compassions herself constant

And sometimes runs out of

Steam or caring –

Oh! The energy it takes to

Worry for ten children

And scores more of their offspring;

And then the trees!  Who will speak for them

Or for the orphans of the world –

Now that Mother Teresa is gone

My mother prays twice as fast

And twice as often and

Oh! Soon we will worry for her, instead…..

One thought on “Describing my mother

  1. “now that mother teresa is gone/my mother prays twice as fast” – such an amazing description of your mother – sweetly funny, but shows her fragility and big heart too. this is a lovely tribute to your mum!

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