Death as a hallway, not a dead end


     I have had this framed quote hanging in my house since 1999, the year Brad and I went to England with our in-laws.  It means something to me.

     There is something that I know, that you need to know.

     Death is not a dead end.

     It is a corridor down which all of us will travel, a continuation of this life, the peak of a mountain that all of us spend our lives ascending.  Once attained, there is rest.  And uncorrupted peace, and joy, and unity as a complement to all of creation.

     Close friends of mine have lost loved ones, and have seen them afterwards in dreams or in that moment after waking.  My husband and I have lost relatives, and have received peace when praying for their souls. 

      Many people, of all faiths, believe that there is a time after death when each person realizes their eternal path.  Individuals who have experienced death and then been revived, have stories that they have shared with the world.

      Scientists have dismissed all of the above as certain chemicals flooding the brain; or psychological phenomenon; or organic phenomenon.  They feel the need to explain, to prove, that death is a dead end, that we are just animated flesh, that our “selves” expire once our hearts and brains and lungs stop working.

      But we know better, don’t we?  Instinctively we know.

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