Now is not the time to save the planet!


    I am a natural multi-tasker (I’m thinking this talent comes naturally to anyone with a set of ovaries, but I digress).  Therefore, I’ve never found it particularly difficult to invest myself in both the pro-life movement AND any legitimate save-the-planet through green energy movement.  I make small decisions, over time, that personally reduce both my carbon footprint and the amount of Actual Garbage that goes out my door and onto the curb.  But I also support legislation that makes big giant steps towards a greener tomorrow.  Whether it is signing online petitions that go to my district’s legislators, donating what I can to Clean Water Action, or trying to educate people about clean energy alternatives on facebook, it is extremely important to me that I express my love for my children – and their future! – by urgently pushing away from fossil fuel usage.  I walk when I can, choose food that is packaged in cardboard or paper instead of plastic when I can, turn down the heat when I’ll be gone more than four hours, have the least dirty child bathe first and then the next child uses the water, eat portions that make sense, and rarely eat out at fast-food restaurants.  I buy local foods in season and gladly either shop at farmer’s markets or participate in co-op farm to table programs.  I have my husband bring home the scrap paper from work for my kids to draw on.  I support my local library (bookish timeshares!).  I am desperately looking forward to the time when I can afford to install solar panels on my roof, and admire those states that are prioritizing clean energy (Arizona, New York State, Texas, Iowa, California) through wind turbines, solar energy farms, and hydroelectric dams (if you are already going to dam a river in order to develop land, why not harness all that energy?).  I wish I could afford a hybrid car, but not yet.  One of our family goals!

    I find myself pretty consistently pushing against the fossil-fuel supporters in my family (some of my friends, too).  Fossil fuel is limited, dangerous to extract in many cases, disrupts the health and well-being of humans and animals, permanently scars the land, and the unnatural environmental disasters that have happened in the last fifteen years because of corporate greed?? Don’t get me started…  They are entitled to their opinion, of course, but I definitely vote carefully, and figure out which legislator supports ALL the causes that are important to me.  It’s a lot of work, but I think it matters.  A LOT.

    The point is: I can love my fellow man AND nature.  I can express my Christianity both through fellowship with others and communing with nature.  I can describe to my kids the importance of protecting unborn babies AND the importance of taking personal steps to reduce their carbon footprints.  I can acknowledge the bigness of God through my awe of pre-born life (possible through amazing technological advances like womb cameras!), and also take part in preserving the world that He gave to us humans.  I will not be held hostage to someone else’s idea of what a Christian looks like, or what she does.  And I CAN perch above a public toilet instead of lovingly draping it in seven pounds of T.P.!

2 thoughts on “Now is not the time to save the planet!

  1. We used to do stuff like this too, out of financial necessity when my mum was a single parent (sharing bathwater, using scrap paper, eating local). You’re teaching the kids well!

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