Okay, so I am a nerd.  Two of my favorite media “families” are the Star Trek enterprise and the Lord of the Rings movies.  I have a love of the fantastical, and a love of any story that beautifully dramatizes the fight between good and evil.  I think that is probably because in my own life, my personal story encompasses these elements.  I have always had a vivid imagination (which made me a prolific liar as a child – being scarcely able to distinguish between my real, everyday life and the life I imagined myself to have) and an ability – call it discernment – to distinguish between a good person, and a person who had dark or evil intentions.  I also have had experiences that could have seriously ruined me, could have turned me permanently bitter or jaded.  But GOOD PREVAILED, and I couldn’t let my joy be stolen!  My counselor in college once told me: “when you let your joy be stolen, you let the bad guy win” and I have never forgotten that.  Alan also taught me that pain cannot be buried: his interpretation of that was to find the “dead body” in my psychological house and to give it a proper burial, so that my past pain and hurt wouldn’t steal the possibility of a happy future.  That advice (and the hard work that I did personally and spiritually to give that body a proper send-off) saved my marriage; restored my joy; instilled a curiosity of understanding the battle between good and evil; and helped me rebuild my own psychological house so that I would have a good, solid foundation going forward.  It was Alan’s (and my husband’s!) small acts of kindness and love that led me out of personal and spiritual darkness, and I will be forever grateful.  Hopefully I will never forget that.  Thank you Gandalf for reminding me!

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  1. This is so true! I find that in my own suffering that is the small reminders that someone is thinking of me that can pull me out of the darkness. Someone doesn’t need to jump in and offer to pay my bills (yet!), but a note of encouragement or a call goes a long way in grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the mire.

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